Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What it's all about

I'm preparing my house to welcome a new baby in the next four months. I've recently realized that the style of which I run my home is very efficiently inefficient. Meaning I have found myself in a system where I am just getting by and getting a whole lot of nothing done. But efficiently. Some how I never have time to wash the dishes or do laundry and I'm too busy for house cleaning. It's a routine both for myself, my husband, and my five year old. I don't want it to be like this! My husband is a full-time student and I will also be starting school a month after the baby is born. In other words, life is about to become brutal! Hence, it seems very pressing that I remedy some of my detrimental habits and kick myself into a productive and streamlined routine with efficient efficiency, so that I might still be able to find some enjoyment in life.

I've been super productive for nearly a month now. And I mean FORCING myself to be productive, all the way. I've found, to my surprise, that non of my tasks are really difficult at all, the difficult part is making myself do them. But I'm enjoying my house so much more now that I'm investing more in it. It truly makes a huge difference!

I have discovered a lot of clever and simple little ways to be a domestic bad-ass (if I do say so myself!) and I want to keep record of them because I know when the next little "bundle of joy" comes along I'm liable to crash and burn again. But I also want to share these fun, helpful tips and stories with other young moms who may be in the same situation =)

I'd also really like feed-back. It would be great to have a little community on here, if anyone ever wants to share anything, aaa-n-y-thing, please DO IT!

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